Collaboration Collaboration

The Industry

Bali Group

Service Areas:

  • Asset Management
  • Management of Hotels
  • Talent and Culture
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Audits
  • Real Estate

Research Partners

UF Community Spatial Lab

Director: Dr. Jinwon Kim (김진원 교수)

Research Areas:

  • Community development, policy and sustainability
    • Environmental justice
    • Planning, development and management of parks, recreation, sport and tourism resources
    • Built environment, physical activity and quality of life
    • Contributions of parks, recreation, sport and tourism to community sustainability and well-being
    • Community resilience
  • Location analysis and policy of recreation, park, tourism and business industry
    • Big data spatial analytics
    • Geo-simulation
    • Spatial structural equation modeling
    • GeoAI
    • Spatial multi-criteria decision modeling
    • Spatial econometric models and methods
    • Geospatial technologies (GIS, GPS, LiDAR, RS)

Digital Marketing Laboratory

Director: Dr. Seungyun Lee

Research Areas:

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Viral Contents
  • Digital Marketing

Digital Thinking Lab

Directors: Dr. Donghoon Shin, Dr. Seungyun Lee, Dr. Minwoo Lee

Research Areas:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Strategic Innovation
  • Digital Marketing