The Data Analytics and Service Innovation Lab (DASIL) conducts innovative, cutting-edge, and multi-disciplinary research, education, and consultancy for the Tourism, Hospitality, and Event (THE) industry. THE DASIL is an innovative, collaborative, and global research lab bringing together researchers, educators, and industry experts from all over the world to address the following research agenda:

  • How can hospitality and tourism organizations use Information & Communications Technologies (ICTs) and business analytics to give customers better experience and gain sustainable competitive advantages?
  • How can innovative technologies and business analytics influence customers’ purchase decision process and service firms’ performance?
  • How can we (hospitality and tourism students, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers) analyze, interpret, and utilize big data to build service innovation that can enhance customer satisfaction and experience?
  • How can we help managers, decision-makers, business owners gain improved insights about their business operations and make better fact-based decisions in the tourism, hospitality and event industry?

The DASIL team is here to help academics and practitioners capitalize on innovative technologies and data analytics that solve problems and create new opportunities in hospitality and tourism management. We always welcome multi-disciplinary and innovative research and education collaboration around the globe.

The initial focus of the DASIL projects includes:

  • Big Data and Business Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Technology-driven service experience.
  • Organizational and Individual Impacts of ICT
  • Service Innovation
  • Persuasion and customer decision making in social media